Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Even new-home owners complain about wet basements, they’re that common. In order to keep your basement dry, reduce mold, improve the quality of air in your home and ultimately save yourself a lot of trouble in the future, it’s smarter to invest in exterior basement waterproofing solutions like Foundation Drains and Water-Resisitve Barriers. Green Mountain Basement Solutions offers high-caliber exterior basement waterproofing solutions mentioned above and with a lifetime warranty. View more details below, submit a form or call us today for a free estimate!


Foundation drains or perimeter drains are a key component to Exterior Waterproofing. As groundwater makes its way towards your foundation, exterior drains in the form of a perforated pipe can be installed in an appropriate position and at an adjusted angle to collect groundwater and divert it away from your home.

Water-Resistive Barriers like plastic housewraps, liquid applied WRB’s or other various types of sheathing are made-up of a water resistant material and can be installed on the membrane of your basement walls to add an extra layer of insulation and reflect and redirect water towards your exterior drainage system.

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