Basement Waterproofing

VT Basement Waterproofing – Wet or Leaky Basements

Waterproofing your basement can be one of the most effective ways to prolong the life of your home or building. At Green Mountain Basement Solutions, we specialize in waterproofing both residential and commercial basements with closed system systems that drain from the walls and the floor. This means that the drainage system is sealed so that radon gas, moisture, or excess water cannot leak into your basement.  All our systems have a lifetime warranty.

Compare to our competitors who install PVC pipe or open-air Systems


The center of our closed basement waterproofing system is the GrateDrain, a dual chamber drainage channel. It provides a way to draw water from both the outside walls, as well as from the center of the basement. When properly placed in a shallow trench, it works together with a Vapor Barrier (we offer 3 types of Vapor Barriers depending on the application) to direct all water into a drainage conduit. We strategically place access ports in the drain system to allow for easy inspection.

The final step to a water tight basement is the GrateSump, an integral component of the system. GrateSump is an advanced sump pump designed for unmatched performance & reliablity.  It carries a lifetime warranty, and has two float switches.  Over 99% of pump failures are caused by a faulty float switch. If our first switch fails, an alarm will sound and the 2nd switch will turn activate the pump.   Stop that wet, leaky basement foreveer by getting a free quote.

A properly waterproofed basement prevents mold, mildew, radon, and structural damage. Wet and leaky basements lead to major issue for your home and your wallet. If you’ve got basement problems, we’ve got solutions. Call us today.

We also offer exterior drainage services to deal with groundwater issues around your property.

*As a Grate Products certified contractor, Green Mountain Basement Solutions’ team of expert employees are highly trained all products & systems.

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