Basement & Foundation Crack Repair

VT Foundation Repair – Cracked or Bowing Walls & Floors

Bowing walls, sagging floors, sinking slabs, and large cracks can be a serious problem for the foundation of your home. Concrete basement crack repair is best left for professionals.  Green Mountain Basement Solutions offers unique solutions for repairing cement block and poured concrete foundations in Vermont.

PowerBrace Concrete Block Foundation Wall Straightening

For owners interested in straightening, we use “The Force” wall bracing to to straighten the wall. “The Force” is a spring loaded wall brace that constantly applies over 1000 lbs of force to the wall, straightening it over time. Other braces require re-torqueing over time to maintain pressure. Once the wall is straight, we apply fiber lock to hold it in place permanently and the homeowner can choose to take the bracing down.

In some instances, we use “Grip Tite” foundation systems to anchor your foundation in place.

FiberLock – Carbon Fiber Foundation Wall Repair

If there is less than an inch of deflection, or cost is a concern, we can apply the fiber lock carbon fiber strips to stabilize the wall. Carbon fiber has 7-10x the tensile strength of steel and will prevent any bowing in the future.

Our concrete & foundation crack repairs are done with the longevity in mind. We want your home to be free of cracks & moisture just as much as you do. Don’t put off getting a small crack fixed. Cracks in concrete walls grow larger over time, and can eventually jeapordize the structual integrity of the foundation.

To fix cracked walls, we use a product called FiberLock crack repair system, manufactured by Grate Products right here in New England. FiberLock seals, strengthens & stabilizes cracked foundations. It can repair foundation wall crack that are vertical, horizontal, and in corners. FiberLock is a resin/epoxy mixture used in conjunction with carbon fibers that provides structural integrity and is warranteed life, and transferable to all future owners of the home. FiberLock foundation crack repair can also be painted over if you have a finished basement.

Repairing cracked basement walls not only keeps your house structurally sound, but also stops the intrusion of moisture & radon gas. Damp basements can mold causing or worsening asthma & other allergies. Radon is the 2nd most frequent cause of cancer. Eliminate these potential health issues today by making an appointment to fix those cracked foundation walls.

*As a Grate Products certified contractor, Green Mountain Basement Solutions is trained to properly install FiberLock foundation crack repair system.

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